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SPC introduces its second generation of smart fans, Conforto DC Lite and Conforto DC Max

Conforto DC Lite and Conforto DC Max are two intelligent fans designed to cover rooms of different sizes. Their double direction of rotation allows them to be used both in summer and winter, they integrate an efficient DC motor -verysilent and with minimum electricity consumption- and offer adjustable lighting.

SPC, The Spanish technology company specialising in the development of smart products, presents its second generation of smart ceiling fans for the home. Conforto DC Lite and Conforto DC Max are two new references designed to improve comfort and ventilation in the home.

In any season, the use of Conforto DC Lite and Conforto DC Max can help save energy by limiting the amount of heating and air conditioning used, without sacrificing comfort in the home. Both references have a dual direction of rotation: in summer, simply turn their blades clockwise, while in winter, using them counterclockwise will help the room where they are located to feel warmer, rather than cooler. In addition, its DC motor provides the desired ventilation at any time of the day or night as it operates very quietly and with minimal electricity consumption.

Conforto DC Max offers optimal and dimmable lighting thanks to its 24W of high-performance LEDs, while Conforto DC Lite has 18W of high-performance LEDs, also dimmable. The two intelligent fans provide the perfect amount of light at the most suitable time using the intensity and temperature - warm, neutral or cool - that best suits the room and occasion.

Both ceiling fans are also easily controlled both with their remote control and from your smartphone or tablet through the SPC IoT app -available for Android and iOS-, and are compatible with the main voice assistants -Google Home or Amazon Alexa-. They are also able to connect with the other products in the SPC Smart Home catalogue and interact with each other: it is possible to configure their operation and features together with those of other SPC devices to create integrated and complete user experiences.

Conforto DC Max, designed for large rooms

The Conforto DC Max smart fan incorporates three ABS blades, highly durable, with a design inspired by aeronautical propellers and ultra-lightweight, which helps to make operation quieter (between 38 and 50 dB) and with 6 different speeds. With a diameter of 132cm, it is the perfect ally to ventilate larger rooms -surfaces larger than 20m2-efficiently. With regard to its design, its matt white finish offers an elegant appearance to easily adapt to any space and furniture.

Conforto DC Lite, compact and ultra-lightweight

With a compact size, Conforto DC Lite is the perfect ally for ventilating small and medium-sized rooms -under 20m2-: it has a diameter of 116 cm and its ultra-light ABS blades are inspired by aeronautical propellers and favour silent operation (between 36 and 48 dB). It offers up to 6 different speeds . In addition, its matte white design adapts to all styles and spaces, giving them an elegant look.