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Every day can look like Yellow Day with the help of technology: habits that will keep you happy for the rest of the year.

June 20th is the happiest day of the year: temperatures are rising, holidays are just around the corner and there are more daylight hours. SPC suggests four habits to follow that will keep you positive.

There are three characteristics that make the Yellow DayJune 20th, the happiest day of the year: the daylight hours increase, the temperatures are more pleasant and holidays are just around the corner. It is also the time of the year when we have more free time, a good way to strengthen social relationships and plan outdoor activities. Summer seems like a time of enjoyment and relaxation and the thought of it brings a certain joy.

However, we shouldn't settle for just one Yellow Day a year. There are several routines that can help us to be more positive and feel happier every day . SPC, the Spanish technology company, which specialises in smart consumer electronics products, suggests four habits to follow - with the help of technology - to help you feel satisfied for the rest of the year.

Release endorphins and dopamine with a tech trainer

One of the best reasons to exercise every day is that it helps us stay more active and happy. The endorphins that are generated during sport give you a natural feeling of happiness. At the same time we eliminate cortisol, the so-called stress hormone. And the release of dopamine gives us a pleasant feeling after exercise.

Summer is the perfect time to set yourself a sporting goal, whether it's crossing the finish line of a 10-kilometre race for the first time or walking 10,000 steps a day. Getting a sports gadget, which adapts to our daily rhythm and pushes us to improve every day, like the smartwatches is the best option. Opt for those with water resistance, for use in the sea or pool; and HR sensor, which will allow you to always know your heart rate to have maximum control of your fitness.

Use headphones to connect to your favourite tunes

Music is a great tool for regulating your emotions. The songs you listen to have the power to improve your mood, calm you down or cheer you up. Also, listening to a song that we really like speeds up our whole body: it makes us want to dance and we even increase the pace when we walk. This activation of endorphins and the cardiovascular system has direct effects on our health.

Whether you're at home, on your way to the office, on the train or on the plane, focus on what really matters: connecting with yourself through music. The headphones with technologies like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) eliminate ambient noise in urban environments, open offices or public transport.

Keeping in touch with our loved ones through calls and messages.

Connecting with family releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps us feel more secure and socialize better. After the pandemic, we need to strengthen the links between generations, especially with the elderly, who play a very important role: they help children and grandchildren on a daily basis, are an inexhaustible source of experience and advice, and maintain the link with family identity and history. Although we can now see our elders again and spend quality time with them, we must not forget to accompany them all year round, even if it is by phone: we can feel closer to them through calls, messages and photographs.

There is a large portfolio of mobiles for seniors with features dedicated to those senior users who find it difficult to use a smartphone with advanced features, and who demand a device that is easy to use. Perfect for staying more and better connected with our grandparents.

Keeping the house clean and tidy with the help of a robot

Cleanliness can help in many vital and emotional aspects, even for those who see it as an obligation. People with a messy home have more symptoms of fatigue and tiredness, because a disorganized environment is emotionally draining and increases frustration, according to the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. In addition, cleaning and tidying up can serve as a catharsis, since organized spaces have a positive influence on mental well-being .

However, everyday life is intense and in many occasions, the time spent on each task is less than appropriate. There are many tricks to a spotless house: one of them is to forget the broom and buy a robot vacuum cleaner. There are references with intelligent detection systems that adapt to any cleaning environment and delimit the surfaces accurately, optimizing the time of use. In addition, it is possible to program them through the smartphone and choose, among other things, the suction intensity, the level of scrubbing flow or the cleaning pattern that the robot will follow.