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School holidays: 4 tech solutions to make summer work-life balance not mission impossible

SPC, the Spanish technology company specialising in consumer electronics, proposes four solutions for maintaining a balance and achieving an optimal work-life balance with the help of technology.

With the arrival of the summer season and the end of the school year, the puzzle of balancing work and family life also arrives. Summers still have three months for the little ones, but adults only have one month of vacation a year: combining work and personal life in summer is still a pending subject for many families in our country when these hot days approach.

Working at home with children does not have to be seen as stressful, but rather as a perfect time to learn how to manage time between being productive and having fun with the little ones. Thanks to technological tools such as tablets, eReaders, smartphones and other devices, the home can be transformed into an effective and fun space.

SPC, the Spanish technology company specialising in smart consumer electronics products, offers four solutions to maintain balance and achieve an optimal family balance with the help of technology:

Educational, modernized and fun apps

Kindergarten and primary school students can work on their memory, vocabulary, concentration or be introduced to some subjects such as writing or music thanks to apps. A good option to entertain the children while we work is to offer them an tablet with fun and educational applications, with which they will not realize that they are learning. They can also use it as a creative tool: record video/audio and edit it later, make photo retouching and even draw, are activities that the little ones can do with this device.

With the advent of increasingly comprehensive games and applications, children require devices that offer optimal performance and good autonomy. They also need to have at least 16 GB of internal memory so that the use of applications is not too limited. In terms of size, we recommend models between 7 and 10 inches.

Your favourite books in the palm of your hand

Summer is a great time to encourage children's motivation towards reading, towards adventures, the magical worlds of stories or novels, depending on the age of their children. It is important to take into account the tastes, the personality of the children and the stage they are living to be more attractive to their eyes, which will keep them focused for a longer time while parents work from home.

We can take the opportunity to go to the library or bookstore to look for or choose that book (or books) that will accompany them while we telework. Or, if we need them immediately, we can choose to download digital books. In this sense, eBook offer several advantages: you can carry hundreds of books in a single device, they do not weigh or bulky, they do not tire the eyes of the smallest and have a great autonomy.

Take the opportunity to organize activities with music

While teleworking, we can take the opportunity to encourage children's daily physical activity and propose different exercises and practices. If they are more motivated by singing, dancing or theater, let them unleash the artist in them to improve their concentration and creativity. Or, if they need to be calmer, you can try to get them to meditate (or even fall asleep) accompanied by relaxing music.

Ultra-compact, easy-to-carry speakers with long battery life and True Wireless Stereo technology are perfect for activity. For example, SOUND PUPS SPC's ultra-compact, easy-to-carry speakers are specially designed for those who are looking for a very original speaker that they can take anywhere: they are available in three different colours and shapes; mouse (pink), elephant (blue) or dinosaur (green).

Connect with their friends via video call

Children are social by nature. With the arrival of the summer holidays, coupled with the lack of availability of parents, they can get to miss their classmates. Fortunately, we have the help of technology to reduce some of the effects of this isolation. For example, a smartphone will allow them to communicate instantly from anywhere with those friends they can no longer see as often. In this way, they can not only make video calls with their friends but also, for example, play online games or watch a movie together remotely, spending great moments of laughter to alleviate this physical separation between them.