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For Grandparents' Day, help them conquer their fear of technology

This coming 26th of July is a good date to help them find their motivation to enter the world of technology, beyond the mobile phone. SPC, the Spanish technology company specializing in products smart consumer electronics products, offers several applications that can help older people become more independent.

In 2020, seven out of every ten elderly people (65-74 years old) used the Internet; in 2009, only one, according to the Survey on equipment and use of information technologies of the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The digital progress of the elderly has been evident: for them, ICTs are also the key to all issues related to access to leisure, products and different services.

This greater use of technology by the elderly has been transferred, above all, to the mobile phone. In 2009, the difference between the elderly and the rest of the age groups was 33 percentage points; in 2020, after the pandemic, the gap was reduced to 5 points, that is, practically non-existent. If before they refused to have a mobile phone - because of its difficulty of use or their rejection of new technologies - now they are somewhat more receptive due to the circumstances: it makes them feel closer to their children and grandchildren through calls, messages and photographs.

This coming 26 July, Grandparents' Day, is a good date to help them, with patience and affection, to find their motivation to enter the world of technology, beyond the mobile phone. There are many devices that can help them maintain their autonomy and security in their lives, such as home automation products.

So for those who have not yet ventured into this world of technology, SPC, the Spanish technology company specialising in smart consumer electronics products, offersa number of applications to help the elderly become more independent.

The mobile phone, essential for improving the quality of life of the elderly

It is important for the elderly to be able to make the most of their mobile phone. Knowing how to master certain apps or functionalities allows them to have greater independence and a sense of self-competence, so necessary at all stages of life, but especially when you reach an age when adding quality is essential.

There is currently a large portfolio of mobiles and smartphones for seniors with features dedicated to those senior users who find it difficult to use a smartphone with advanced features, and who demand a device that is easy to use.

SPC has devices dedicated to those senior users who find it difficult to use a smartphone with advanced features and who require a device that is easy to use. SPC's smartphones are designed for elderly people who are not yet accustomed to the latest technologies and need a terminal that offers them functional connectivity features and is very intuitive to use. They have been developed to be easy to use: all these mobiles have large keys and numbers on the screen, amplified sound, charging base and SOS button.

Keeping the house clean without leaving the couch

Household chores can be a great effort for the elderly, as they often experience joint and muscle pain or difficulty in movement. Everyday tasks such as mopping the floor, dusting or doing the laundry can be very difficult for them, also affecting their mental health as they feel limited.

The robot vacuum cleaners will be the perfect ally to keep your home clean while controlling its operation from the sofa. They will be able to program the robot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and choose, among other things, the suction intensity or the cleaning pattern that the robot will follow, both from the mobile phone and by voice, which greatly reduces the movements.

Feeling safe at home

Even if our elderly live alone, it doesn't mean that they are alone, as we can be near them when they need it most, with the IP surveillance cameras. In the event of any accident and with a simple warning, you will be able to monitor those rooms where the camera is located easily and quickly, through a live video and audio signal via the Internet, so you will not have to go to their home to check that they are okay. Many have integrated infrared vision that provides images 24 hours a day, both night and day, and two-way communication systems, so that the user can interact with the person on the other side of the camera and listen to their responses.

They will also be essential to keep your home safe from break-ins, even when you go to the beach for a few days or to visit family.

Technology for health

This pandemic has served to remind us that health is the most important thing we have. The health of our elders, which is more delicate, must be looked after with care. Sport at this age is fundamental and can be measured with different devices, such as those that allow us to smart watches that allow you to monitor the effort and outdoor activities thanks to the GPS function, which also allows you to save your favourite routes.

To keep a more exhaustive healthy control at all levels, they will be able to achieve this with the smart scales. They offer numerous metrics in addition to weight, such as: body mass index (BMI), body fat, water content, muscle rate, protein rate, basal metabolism, bone mass, fat volume, body weight, physical age, body type and body score.